PEI Blue Mussels

PEI Blue Mussels

PEI mussels are world renown for a reason and they are grown right out our back door. Come and learn how we harvest our mussels. And even get a tip or two on how to cook yours to perfection. There is nothing quite as tasty as a fresh PEI Mussel.

PEI Mussels are famous world wide and we have them fresh for you.  Mussels on PEI all come from mussel farms which are located across the island.  In fact there are a few mussel farms right on the Clyde River, which feeds the North Rustico harbour!  

And they are healthy.  Did you that Mussels contain higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other shellfish and are a good source of Vitamin C and Iron. 

100 grams of mussels contains: 
• 146 calories
• 20 grams of protein
• 23% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C
• 37% of the daily recommended amount of Iron

Visit for a comprehensive overview of PEI Mussels.  The recipes are fabulous and truly worth a try.  PEI Mussels are not only good, they are good for you.  Watch our video on how to prepare your PEI Mussels to perfection.