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There is nothing like a PEI North Atlantic lobster

You probably weren’t aware that lobsters can taste quite different, depending on where they are caught.  On the north shore of PEI we are blessed with quality lobster that is sweet.  Yes SWEET!  You have to try one to understand what a sweet lobster tastes like.  Lobster candy really!

We sell them live, cooked to perfection, canned or freshly cooked lobster meat.  Watch our video and Chris will show you how we cook lobsters to perfection.  Trust us that we have it down pat as we have been cooking lobsters for our customers since 1973. 

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If you don’t have time for the video just follow these simple instructions:

1.    Fill your pot ¼ full with water, salted to taste.

2.     Bring your water to a boil and add your lobsters.

3.     Wait for the water to resume boiling and time your lobsters as follows:

Canners (< 1 lb): 15 minutes

1.0 lb Market Lobsters: 19 minutes

1.5 lb Market Lobsters: 21 minutes

2.0 lb Market Lobsters: 23 minutes

5.     Rinse your lobsters in cold water and soak for 20 minutes.  Yes for 20 minutes.

6.     ENJOY the best tasting lobsters on the planet!